Conditions Of Entry – Pak’nSave

A new sign seems to have popped up between the self-checkouts at a specific Pak’nSave (note that this is after you’ve entered the store, in fact just before you’re going to leave):Pak'nSave condition of entry

It would be a shame if they had to do this because people were challenging their self-given right to unreasonably search customers.

6 thoughts on “Conditions Of Entry – Pak’nSave

  1. I once had a wallet card printed, “By allowing me entry to your premises you waive all rights to search me or my possessions.” Of course it was as utterly meaningless as their poster but that was kind of the point.

    Sadly I never got to use it. The couple of times I’ve been asked to open my bag and I’ve said no has generally left them too dumbfounded to argue. 🙂

    1. Nice. I got harassed by a security guard at Te Wharehouse in Napier, who wanted to search my backpack. I declined and walked away, only to be pursued and threatened with “reasonable force”. To which I responded “I am prepared to be extremely unreasonable”. That did the trick.

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