Foodstuffs/New World Are Installing RFID Analytics In Their Stores

Foodstuffs/New World are using RFID technology on trolleys to track customer movement around the store.

Blue and purple RFID tag

Hi Matt,

Yes they are RFID receivers designed to pick up the signals from the front of most of our trolleys (although they are not currently active due to an issue with the some of the receivers). The project is being done by Foodstuffs so that they can better understand customer movements around the store. This will enable them to design better supermarkets in the future.


>I noticed Symbol(?) units installed on the ceiling in the store. I’m just curious as to what they are for. Are they using RFID technology?
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>Matt Taylor

Image credit: Tim

3 thoughts on “Foodstuffs/New World Are Installing RFID Analytics In Their Stores

  1. Hi there, it’s hard to read RFID from the roof so the Symbol units are likely to be good old 802.11 wireless/wifi.

    I have not heard of a trial project using RFID tags to track trolleys (the image is actually an EAS tag which is not the same thing) so I am keen to learn more. Having said that, usually the cost outweighs the benefit as RFID is very expensive to implement.

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