Because I can get my full licence.


I posted a while ago about changes to the graduated driver licensing system in New Zealand. The changes weren’t advertised well. I ended up having to apply for an exemption for my full licence. The exemption form (PDF) contains stupid questions and you have to pay $27 for them to read your application.

Here’s what to write to get an exemption

Please provide details of the requirements you wish to be exempted from and why you wish to be exempt from them
The new age of 17 and six months to get a full licence (w/ approved course)
I understand that the exemption will apply from the [date I will have had my restricted licence for a year]

What have you done to mitigate the risks to road safety?
As of [x] I will have help my restricted licence for 12 months.
I have completed an approved course (cert attached)
I have not committed any traffic offending (including speeding or breaching licence conditions)

Question 5: What events have been occurred to make the legislated requirements unnecessary or inappropriate in your case?
Change of the age to get a full licence was not well publicized. If I had booked my licence test before the age changed, the new age wouldn’t have applied to me.

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  1. I don’t think this will work for me, I’m 18 1/2 and I moved from south africa when I was 17 in 2012, so the age change doesn’t really apply to me, do you think they would grant me my full if I tell them that I wasnt able to get a license earlier because of living in SA and because of the move and I am almost 19? just thought I would ask. what you did to get your license was very clever by the way 🙂

  2. Rodulfo Calibugan

    Hi good day. I am applying for an exemption. please give me an answer about the legal question.

    More power.

    Thank you

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