The War On Youth: Pak’nSave Responds

Pak'nSave shoppersTheir reply to “Random” Pak’nSave Bag Searches. No comment on women with handbags or what happens if I did have something in my bag that I had bought from another supermarket.

Dear Matt,

I can confirm that our bag policy is applicable regardless of a customer’s age and is simply designed to prevent an ongoing shoplifting issue which we are trying to manage. We have a prominent sign in-store which clearly states that ‘We reserve the right to check all bags and may require you to leave large bags with a staff member while shopping.’

While I do appreciate having your bag checked is an inconvenience, unfortunately due to the level of shoplifting we experience in-store, it is an unavoidable part of how we are forced to do business, we would certainly prefer to not check customer’s bags but sometimes even with cameras and other security measures we are left with no option. I apologise if you felt you were unfairly treated and I hope you will continue to shop at my store.

My staff remain committed to giving our customers the best possible shopping experience, and by endeavouring to keep shoplifting to a minimum we hope we can deliver the lowest everyday prices.

Kind regards,

Steven McDonald
PAK’nSAVE Riccarton

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7 thoughts on “The War On Youth: Pak’nSave Responds

  1. Saw something funny the other day at Pak’nSave.

    Backpackers were making their way through the self checkout. One of the women was buying something. One of the men walked through the self checkout ahead of her, with a trolley holding a couple of their huge packs, and with a bag of apples on the child seat.

    He wasn’t subject to a bag search.

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  3. My reply:

    Thanks for your reply, but I think you’re missing some important points.

    1) Your staff member touching me.
    2) Your searches aren’t actually random.
    3) What happens if I have items in my bag I’ve bought from another supermarket?

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