6 thoughts on “Slingshot Stole My Data Block

  1. We had a $20 month mobile phone contract with them. It ran its time out. When we transferred it to 2Degrees, Slingshot held the changeover up for 5 (cellphoneless days), then continued charging us $20 month for the next 5 months, despite frequent phone calls and emails with copies of their WRITTEN acknowledgement that we were/had transferred the phone.
    They even charged me “late payment fees” for NOT paying the $20 month that we DIDN’T owe them. All the time their “Customer Service” folk we telling me that it had been fixed and corrected, and all this was recorded in my account notes, BUT I still had to pay the extra $20 to clear the account, and it would appear as a credit in the following month. It did, but there would also be ANOTHER $20 charge to cancel it out, so another “late payment fee”
    I have never met such an incompetent entity.

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