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Meet Matthew Morris aka MattyBRaps. At eight-years-old, he’s voice coached, partnered on YouTube, LLC’d, trademarked, and sponsored, because of his rap videos. He’s managed by his father, who has a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). Lyrics and videos are produced with the help of his cousin, MarsRaps. Crafted into a marketable “product”, his tweets are ghostwritten, Dailybooth photos posed and production value of his videos high. Shot in 1080P, some feature luxury cars, celebrities, red carpet and recording studios (and who needs to go out when you have one in your house?).

Hoodie kidHis siblings aren’t missing out on the fun either. Or at least one isn’t. His older nine-year-old brother Joshua (JeebsTV) has his own YouTube channel too with the same high production value and sponsor.

Assumedly his parent’s goal is for him to be discovered by someone like Ellen (a feat which might be difficult as his videos are so polished already), release an album and tour the world. MattyBraps Ellen tweet

If he does make it big, what kind of attention is he going to attract? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Fame comes with hate, and a lack of privacy. Maybe he knows he wants to rap, but does he understand the potential ramifications for his future? Because I’m not sure his parents do.

Here are some shining examples of friendly Dailybooth commenters (,

MattyBraps hate 5

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Would there have been anything lost (maybe except for money) if Matty was encouraged to pursue what he loves outside of the internet spotlight, at least until he was older? Sure, keep the vocal coach, but was there a need to commercialize him this early in his life?

Running your son like a business. Exploitative or just entrepreneurial?

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  1. Matty B: I’ve commented on your performance on other media and think your one of the best young rappers around. I’ve also “nocked” the haters because in my opinion they’re just reflecting their own short comings and are very jealous of anyone who does any better than them. With any luck or sense they just float away like any other bad smell. Keep up the good work boy and more strenght to you and your family. Your great!

  2. people need to stop hating on mattybraps hes an amazing rapper not nearly as good as eminem eminem is the king of hip hop but that dont matter for mattybraps mattybraps is living the american dream that most of us never get to live hell im an actor as a hobby & a rapper as a hobby my friends r to wish we could live the dream like he is

  3. Okay, Matty B is a kid. Yeah, yeah, he’s cute and stuff but he sucks a rapping. Well, for his age he’s not bad but he still really sucks at it. He should go get a life where everyone will accept him as for how old he is and how good he is at it. GO GET A NEW LIFE MATTHEW!

  4. His parents shouldn’t be ashamed, they should be arrested. Anyone who thinks this is healthy behavior for a 9 year old child shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

  5. You guys are just hating!!!! Mattyb is so talented for his age, and has a great future, stop trying to kill his vibe….. While your here talkin shit, he’s out having fun, and making money, andddd whatever Tf he wants…… Mattyb, do yo thang boyyyyy!!!!!! Your such an insperation

  6. matty b is only 10 and dont be saying these things and if your pointing at him and saying bad things to him the other finger is pointing at you get out his buisness and if you dont like him dont watch him or comment i love him no matter what

  7. Sad to see that you have to fight with fellow 9 year olds on here since they’ve found this post. I came across him tonight and am appalled that he’s been “rapping” since 7 years old. It’s clear his parents bred children for the mere sake of making a business out of them. It’s absolutely disgusting. I feel bad for him.

  8. I found this kid’s videos by accident. Though polished as he is, they are not perfect. Being a video production pro, there are several things wrong with it. A number of his videos go out of focus for a very very short time, also too many tight/close up shots. Surely a few are alright, but if you are going to have dancing by MattyB or have others dance with him, show all the talent. To expend so much time only using ONE camera is ridiculous. He is only 9 or 10 years old but in 1 to 5 years this boy’s voice will change which may or may not be a good thing for him. There are songs now that even Justin Bieber can’t sing any more because his voice has change. The should have saved the money and put it towards this boy’s college fund.

  9. Hes only 10 years old and supports and helps his little sister Sarah Grace, who by the way is disabled and has down syndrome… so give some respect. you were young at some point to. Plus hes proud to be from Atlanta, which most people dont appreciate, some respect please.

  10. MattyBRaps is doing a good job. The haters need to leave him alone. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. Matty is 10-years-old and having fun living the dream. You had hopes and dreams when you were young too…or don’t you remember? Maybe your problem is someone in your life kicked your hopes and dreams in the toilet and flushed them. Let MattyB try to accomplish his goals in his life. MattyB is NOT hurting anyone..he is not on drugs or stealing. Go get a life…rather than write nasty things try cleaning up a local park or teach someone to read. DO GOOD…:)

  11. Matty wants to be a rapper. Even if he doesn’t understand what his future will be like, that what he wants to do with his life. If he didn’t want to be a rapper he wouldn’t put the hard work into his videos and dancing. He’s been on TV and he’s famous. I bet you’re not! He is my INSPIRATION and he can do whatever he wants with his life! It’s not up to us to decide, let him choose his path. And yes he’s following in his cousin’s footsteps. Is that really a problem? I see your point that he’s a little young but you don’t want to wait until he’s waited to long. If you want to be good at something you need hard work and practice. He’s not gonna be famous over night so I’m glad he started doing what he did at a young age. He’s following his dreams and doing what he wants to do. People need to back off and stop hating him. He tries his best and his future looks bright.

  12. Hi mattyb um……………. I’m your biggist fan and I love your music me and my friend wish we could meat u
    Can you come to london some time and come to [removed]????

  13. Mattybraps you are such a good singer teach me I want to be like you I want to sing my girlfriend a song her name I Alssa and we go to Larson in lodi

  14. He knows fame comes with hate but he just keeps shaking the haters off. He is gonna make it big because he’s following his dreams. He’s the type of kid that WILL achieve whatever he has set his mind to achieve.

  15. MattyB is amazing. his parents don’t make him rap, he wants to. He pestered mars (his cousin) until mars let him record a song. He doesn’t deserve hate when he is just following a dream. That is something every kid should do. Oh and he’s not making money from it either this is just what he loves to do so seriously back off and leave him alone. He WILL be discovered because of his talent and because the standard of his vids are really high. He doesn’t try too hard he just tries his best, that’s what everyone says kids should do, but as soon as one actually does it all they get is hate. Not really fair is it? People need to back off and let him follow his dream. Fair enough if you don’t like him or if he isn’t your type of music but you don’t need to tell him or write comments about or even write bleeding articles. HE’S 9 FOR GOD’S SAKE LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!! MattyB-Always follow your dreams, rise above the haters and just keep shaking them off. I love you.

      1. FOR GODS SAKE HE’S 9!!! there’s no need to have a go at him or his parents. He is just following his dream and his parents are doing whatever they can to help him achieve it. MattyB gets enough hate so you don’t even to add into it with this stupid article about him being exploited. it’s not fair on him. He’s following his dream and believing in himself. What is so wrong with him doing that. And what is so wrong with him parents helping him out in anyway they can. They have the money to spend not because MattyB earns much from what he is doing but because his dad has a high paying job. What they choose to spend their money on is none of your business. If they choose to spend it on helping MattyB then fair enough but don’t go writing articles about how he is being exploited.

        1. You’re right, he is nine-years-old. What harm would there have been in waiting a few more years?

          I don’t think his dream involved becoming a partner on YouTube (which means him, or rather his parents get paid for video views), becoming a brand, and selling merchandise. I think that’s his parents seeing dollar signs.

          I think as a society we should be critical of parents “supporting” their children when it means putting them in the public spotlight and exposing them to unnecessary and nasty attention. When you’re selling t-shirts about people hating on your nine-year-old son you really need to evaluate the choices you’ve made as a parent.

          I’m curious of what you think of Toddlers and Tiaras. Are those kids just following their dreams too?

          1. I see your point and maybe it could have helped him to wait a few more years but it’s what he chose to do. I don’t think his parents are bothered about the money but they are just trying to support him and help him become famous. I have never watched Toddlers and Tiaras but from what I have heard of it, the kids are pressured into doing this and they are constantly being pushed by their parents. I think that’s wrong but MattyB isn’t being pushed into doing anything. It was all his choice and he does it because it is what he loves to do. But maybe you are right, maybe he should have waited a few more years but, oh well, he’s started now so we might as well let him carry on.

    1. Personally, the word “hater” is just ridiculously stupid beyond comprehension. It signifies that an argument has been lost to the opposing team and only fuels the fire further. Personally, the kid is about as generic as any other trending young age rapper that comes around. I don’t think the kid sucks or anything in retrospect as he’s too young to really be judged in a more professional matter, but if the parents were to strip his childhood for this, then I must say that’s ridiculous insulting.

  16. compare his life to what an average same year old child experiences, there will be ramifications for the stress put on a child that are not obvious until he begins to mature and think for himself, it isn’t natural to stress a child out, it’s not morally right either. good luck though.

  17. MattyBraps is so cute and talented.How could anyone hate him?He brightens my life just watching him.I hope he gets whatever HE wants in life.I love you sweetheart!

    1. MattyB…..people will put you down for 2 reasons…

      1. To make them feel better about their own failures and insecurities

      2. Because they are jealous that whilst they are sitting around making excuses why they can’t, you are out there doing it.

      Love you’re parents for the time and creativity they are putting into your future, and as they are showing you…keep it clean!!

      You’re family friendly entertainment is your biggest USP!!

      Keep it up and don’t let jealous negativity spoil your tracks!

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