WordPress Image Plugins

Yahoo recommends a number of things to improve web page performance. There’s a couple of WordPress plugins that help with image performance.

Image Pro resize screenshot

WP Smush.it

Yahoo has a service called Smush.it that optimizes images. The WordPress plugin, WP Smush.it, reduces the file size of most images added to posts and pages automatically behind the scenes. It’s non-lossy, so the look and quality of images isn’t altered. Through the Media Library, existing images can be run through Smush.it.

Image Pro

Something else Yahoo recommends is not scaling images using HTML code. The plugin Image Pro lets you resize images in the editor, by dragging the corners, like you’d do in Word. The resized version is saved as a separate image so in the post it isn’t scaled using HTML. However, sometimes there’s a slight quality loss using the plugin.

Changing a Comment’s Parent Comment In WordPress

WordPress comment messSometimes someone will accidentally reply to a comment on a WordPress post instead of starting their own comment thread. This can create a set of replies that aren’t actually relevant to the original comment. They’re hard to follow and are ugly, the replies that are relevant to the original comment are hidden by the additional conversation. There’s no way to fix this through the WordPress Admin interface, but you can using phpMyAdmin. You can also use this to change what comment a comment is replying to.



  • Backup your database first.
  • Open up phpMyAdmin through cPanel.
    phpMyAdmin cPanel
  • Click on the database WordPress uses.
    phpMyAdmin Select Database
  • Click on search.
    phpMyAdmin Search
  • Search for the comment that shouldn’t be a reply (the comment that you want to outdent) inside the comments table, search for something semi-unique to the comment eg. the IP address of the commenter.
    phpMyAdmin Search Database
  • Click browse.
    phpMyAdmin Search Results
  • Click the pencil icon beside the comment.
    phpMyAdmin Edit Entry
  • Change the parent_comment value to 0.
    phpMyAdmin comment_parent