PayPal Policy Update Strangeness

PayPal send out emails about policy updates. Here is one of them:

PayPal Policy Updates

There’s a few strange things going on.

1) I’m not in Singapore but get sent their Singapore address.

2) They link to their site when they could have just said “go to PayPal’s website”. Getting people into the habit of clicking on links asking them to log in, especially ones with weird extensions doesn’t seem good.

3) If you’re going to include a link, at least link to the changes. Why do I have to log in and go to notifications to see them?

4) On the same note, why aren’t the changes just included in the email to begin with?

Here’s one of the changes listed in notifications:

PayPal Policy amendment

It is the whole PayPal User Agreement. What has changed? Who knows.

To their credit, a more recent January change just has the part of the policy that has changed.

Maybe they’re learning.